Sloan Thrasher

St Cloud, MN, United States

Programmer, Web Designer, Engineer, Painter, Writer. Sounds confusing, right?

I have worked as a programmer most of my career. Starting with 8008 Assembly (by hand to machine code) in the 1970's, through Basic on the TRS-80's and early PC's to C, Forth, Lisp, Cobol, Fortran, D-Base, Fox-Base (and others) in the 1980's, to ASP, Javascript, Oracle, SQL Server, HTML, CSS in the 1990's and then in the 2000's adding MySQL and PHP.

My preferred CMS is Joomla, and I've written a few extensions for Joomla. I really enjoy working with Chronoforms and developing web applications.

Over the years, I've developed applications and designs in many areas and industries ranging from simple accounting apps to industrial control and robotics to embedded systems. I enjoy playing with Arduino and it's variants.

I grew up in the Atlanta, GA area and lived there until 2004, when I moved to St. Cloud, MN.

My hobbies include painting, ceramics, writing poetry and prose, fiber arts, photography and drawing. I enjoy learning about new mediums for artistic expression.

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