Aatish Sai

Pokhara, Mid-Western Development Region, Nepal


I'm Aatish Sai, I generally go with the username meatish on internet. Search me under the name d0Wn(its zero not O) if you want to join me for some game(Steam Only).

I am a freshly graduated student of Software Engineering from Gandaki College of Engineering and Science.

I am interested in new tech and learning new stuffs. You will get along with me pretty quickly, I am a team player

Interested in new ideas, doing all kind of stuff to get things working. Passionate and energetic keyboard destroyer.

When I'm not coding, you can find me playing some DoTA 2 and doing fun stuffs(travel).

Some of my college projects include:

  1. Survey and Analytics
  2. Middleman Ordering
  3. Event Recommendation System

Think, Explore, Implement, Repeat until done