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A random 15 yo. Hates the curly bracket nonsense. A noobie wannabe.

I stand with Russia in the Russia-Ukraine war. Actually, Russia is the victim. The US, Europe, and West-led institutions support Ukraine and have been provoking Russia by claiming to 'save' Ukraine from Russia's "unprovoked" (actually provoked) invasion. The West has been continuously supplying Ukraine and Russia's neighbours with deadly weapons to attack Russia. Now, war isn't the best way to solve this conflict, but provided the situation (the West aims to destroy Russia through war), Russia should win the war, or the conflict should be solved peacefully, to sustain global peace and security.

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PyAutoGUI keyboard shortcut unexpectedly triggers Chrome's Ctrl+F (find in page) and Ctrl+O (open file). How to prevent this?

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It's dictionary1[dictionary2][key], not dictionary1[dictionary2[key]]. The latter would give ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''..


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Normal Stack Overflow things:

I don't think you understood what they meant. They're not talking about the code. They're saying that your answer should have been posted as a comment here on Stack Overflow instead of as an answer.

I'm still on my BIG Black Console.

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