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Pittsburgh, PA


For the last 65 years, I have been a practicing Christian (liberally conservative and evangelical). Should any posting I make to any Stack Exchange website pique your curiosity as to the what and why of my beliefs, feel free to communicate with me at [email protected]. I do not claim to have all the answers--let alone all the questions(!), but to discuss Christianity with you in a rational and civilized fashion would be a privilege for me.

My wife (a native Egyptian and Christian) and I have been married for 50 years. We have two grown children who have flown the coop, making us empty nesters.

I have a Master's degree in Speech Communications and a Ph.D. in Rhetorical Theory. After a brief stint as a teacher of public speaking, I embarked on a couple of different and totally divergent pursuits by owning and operating two small businesses.

Currrently I’m semi-retired, but I keep busy by selling classical record albums (“vinyl”) and other merchandise worldwide on eBay and Mercari. At last count, I have shipped records to about 65 countries.

A rhetorical perspective is almost as natural to me as breathing; hence my moniker on the Stack Exchange (viz., rhetorician, meaning an expert in rhetoric). Rhetoric is the traditional and honorable science and art of persuasion.

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