Tallahassee, FL

Unix/Linux software developer in dozens of languages since 1981 with 15 years in Oracle database design and administration.

Current Projects use...

  • bash shell scripting for application
  • awk for fast parsing and code generation
  • Geany IDE
  • Operating Systems:
    • Puppy Linux 5.2.8
    • Ubuntu Linux 8.04, 10.04
    • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS (server)
  • Hiawatha web server for secure and reliable web page serving
  • for web hosting
  • Synergy for multi-computer user interface
  • SSH for host logins and inter-host communication
  • SSHFS for mounting remote filesystems
  • Zim desktop wiki for notes and documentation

Previous Projects used...

  • GtkDialog for complex native GUI user interface
  • TiddlyWiki for notes and documentation
  • Tomboy/GNote for notes
  • Oracle 7 and 8 RDBMS
  • SQL Server RDBMS
  • Wisconsin File Handler, COBOL, JCL, SyncSort on MVS
  • C on AmigaDOS
  • UCSD Pascal, Forth on Apple-II
  • 6502, Z-80 and 68000 assembly languages
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