Victoria Stuart

Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Victoria A. Stuart, Ph.D.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Personal Statement

I envision innovative, impactful solutions to scientific and societal issues through the application of science and technology to the betterment of human health.

I accomplish this through

  1. the practical advancement of knowledge in functional genomics (the phenotypic and functional expression of the information contained within genomes), and

  2. knowledge discovery, through natural language processing and machine learning approaches applied to the biomedical domain.

These efforts build on my thorough grounding in biochemistry (B.Sc.), environmental health (M.Sc.), molecular genetics (Ph.D), and post-doctoral experience in informatics and knowledge discovery.

I am especially motivated by information retrieval/extraction, the construction of knowledge stores and graphical models, and the application of that knowledge to real-world problems including: molecular biology, cellular signalling, cancer genomics, and personalized medicine.

The union of my core domains (genomics; programming; natural language processing; machine learning; bioinformatics) enables a better understanding of implicit and explicit relationships and interactions, facilitating translational knowledge discovery.

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