Hi, thanks for viewing this.

Until this falls to spam, here's an E-Mail address you can use to contact me: [email protected]

If you are on the StackOverflow staff (paid or volunteer) thank you for running this place.

Thank you (a lot, a whole lot).

My status among my boss and co-workers...

  • Before StackExchange: moronic.

  • After StackExchange: magnificent.

If you are a freeloader (like I am) thank you for spending a moment here.

I'm a software writer. (Some prefer the term "firmware", which is okay.)

I'm mainly involved in embedded systems

My main smarts are in low level code; really low, like controlling specific pins and registers and ports and control bits and blah blah blah.

If there is something immediately obvious which you are missing with respect to assembly language, I might be useful for a quick answer.