Bill Sempf

Columbus, OH

In 1992, Bill Sempf was working as a systems administrator for The Ohio State University and formalized his career-long association with internetworking. While working for one of the first ISPs in Columbus, Ohio, in 1995, he built the second major web-based shopping center, Americash Mall, using Cold Fusion and Oracle. Bill’s focus started to turn to security around the turn of the century. Internet-driven viruses were becoming the norm by this time, and applications were susceptible to attack like never before. In 2003, Bill wrote the security and deployment chapters of the often-referenced Professional ASP.NET Web Services for Wrox and began his career in pen testing and threat modeling with a web services analysis for the State of Ohio. Currently, Bill is working as a security-minded software architect specializing in the Microsoft space. He has recently designed a global architecture for a telecommunications web portal, modeled threats for a global travel provider, and provided identity policy and governance for the State of Ohio. In addition, he is actively publishing, with the latest effort being Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 for Dummies.