I am a gamer and a web developer.


  • MMOs are the ones I date for extended periods of time.
    • Guild Wars 2 is currently my main squeeze.
    • EVE Online is more like a friend with benefits and I just can't quit her.
    • World of Warcraft is my ex-wife. She kept the kids and still calls on occasion.
  • FPSes are the booty calls when I need some quick fun for the night.
    • Titanfall reminds me of my exes whenever we spend time together.
    • Tribes: Ascend was always fun, but refused to change her ways.
    • Quake Live was fantastic, but forced me to move on when she deleted my number.

Oh, and Rocket League is so much fun!

Web Development:

  • JavaScript is my homie.
    • Node.js makes me grunt when we do it and gulp when nervous.
    • Backbone.js and I have a love affair.
    • jQuery is the old friend I just can't get rid of.
    • Angular.js and Knockout.js have a love triangle with me.
  • PHP is my loving pet that I adopted from from DevNetwork.net. Good times.
    • Wordpress is that friend that pops up everywhere.
    • CodeIgniter is a fun guy to hang out with.
  • HTML5/CSS3 is one we all know, and namedrop whenever we can.
    • SASS is my fiancĂ©e, but LESS is my mistress.
    • IE is... Well, we don't talk about IE. But I support him, no matter what he does.
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