Montebelluna, TV, Italia

I am a full stack web developer who loves Laravel. I've started working with this framework from the 4.2 release and from that day I've expanded my knowledge searching inside its source code, the PHP documentation, Laracast, and so on.

Oh I've also learned VueJs and now I create web application using these two great tools.

I hope I can give support to all the newbie in StackOverflow but also have great discussion with expert people. And maybe one day be the creator or a great supporter of an open source package for Laravel.

But for now I code... a lot...

My profile image is uncle Scrooge (Zio Paperone in italian) because when I was young I read the The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa and I loved it... I still love it... Not just the story, but the way he tried and tried again with thousand of different experiences untill he succeed. I like to summarize this with a few lines of code:

while(!$succeed) {

Enjoy :P