Graham Herrli

United States

I'm a UX Designer. See my portfolio for more information about projects I've worked on.

I have experience in interaction design, information architecture, and usability testing for an enterprise software company. I'd like to gain more experience with formative user research as well as web and mobile design.

I review UX design resources.
(If you use my reviews, please leave a comment on my site so that I know what you think.)

In case you're wondering, yes, I am the same person who used the name of 3nafish on this site until April 2015 (pronounced three-na-fish, one better than tunafish). I've decided to use my real name to show that I stand by my posts (although I do like the lack of demographic identifiers associated with the pseudonum 3nafish; too many of this site's top users are male, and having yet another male name in the lists isn't likely to encourage more female participation).

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