Linum Labs


Hi there!

Linum Labs is a decentralized web3 dev studio. We accept client work in the domains of dApp development, web3 graphic design (UI/UX), smart contract development and more. We've been fully remote since before it was cool, and have devs in three continents (roughly in the European time zones, most of the time). We've won prizes at hackathons, had our articles featured in Week In Ethereum, even had Vitalik at a meetup in Cape Town we ran way back when, and have at least one dev making too many Haskell jokes on Twitter.

Our preferred stack includes: TypeScript, React, Node, Ethers, Hardhat, Solidity, Elixir (Phoenix), but we know more, and enjoy jumping into new stacks. We like to focus on fast iteration, and quick time to PoC, though we also have many clients we have maintained past that.

We believe in community interaction, and have our roots in local meetups. That's why we've set up our own StackExchange account - we're interested in sharing our knowledge with you, and making a better Ethereum ecosystem for us all. Positive-sum thinking for the win!

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