I am a father, a software engineer, a pianist, a dancer, and an over-thinker.

Posts I'd like to highlight

On computers and computing

  • How can 32-bit architectures handle numbers larger than the maximum value of a 32-bit integer?
  • On writing C++ as if it were Java
  • Contrived schemes for environments that can behave as though they "solve" the halting problem
  • My first and so-far only Vim plugin, which was not even written by me
  • On a feature of an obscure fork of a Vim plugin that I wish would be supported natively by Vim
  • On the history of g in Vi

On popular culture

  • What the heck is going on in Janelle MonĂ¡e's Metropolis suites?
  • Is Miracle Max's assertion that "as everyone knows, to blathe means to bluff" true?
  • What does the Joker mean by "Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger"?
  • On silent films and film scores
  • On hilariously fishy artists on music-streaming-services


  • On religion, critical thinking, freedom, and good parenting
  • On prescriptivism and descriptivism (yeah, I know this wasn't well received by the English.SE community, but I stand by it)
  • On the distinctions between different ways of saying "a lot" of information
  • How to play difficult piano music
  • How to play difficult music on any instrument
  • Some music theory about the piano's black notes and white notes

Other stuff

With all those links above I'm now out of room :/

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