James A Mohler

Fullerton, CA

ColdFusion programmer, photographer, cat owner, public transportation enthusiast, and all around nice guy.


This is how I feel when I program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUuH3itKZ8E (Thank you, Olivia!)

Best ColdFusion Resources

  • Adam Cameron's CFML Blog
  • An Architech's View by Sean Corfield
  • FW/1
  • Ray Camden
  • The Blog of Ben Nadel on obsessively thorough web application development
  • Forta.com by Ben Forta
  • Riaforge
  • Adobe ColdFusion Blog run by Adobe
  • Adobe ColdFusion run by Adobe
  • Lucee
  • Railo
  • Railo's Blog
  • hostek.com
  • Bootstrap Blog
  • Pit of Success

My Work

My latest work on Github brings Bootstrap and ColdFusion together


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