Copenhagen, Denmark

Starving Linguist

If you want to help me do freelance theoretical linguistics fulltime, you are cordially invited to fund me for on Patreon.

I am currently working on or with:

  • AI with Cognosys (
  • editing a book of poetry with Danish-Kurdish poet J. Ehura J.
  • Deterministic machine learning, complexity and information theory, higher category theory, symbolic regression, and grammar induction to explore formalizing language in evolutionary game theory and run computable models of the evolution of language
  • semantic graphs, formal verification, and collaborative, wiki-type knowledge bases using computable semantic ontologies at Prosody.Ai, influenced by Pierre Levy’s IEML meta-language, blockchain, David Spivak’s ologs, Vladimir Voevodsky’s homotopical type theory, and higher category theory
  • volunteer teaching English as a second language
  • exploring non-monetary forms of social organization, Marxism and anarchism through online collectives and DIY initiatives

I am best reached on Twitter and Discord and you are welcome to reach out because I like finding more collaborators.

Email [email protected]

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