Under another rock

Can’t golf

I wonder if one can golf their speech.

English, 22 21 19 words

we know love
and its rules
Only I give you this
Desire expressing myself
Need conveyance
Won’t betray

Try this mess online!

Ithkuil is a good golfing language.

Also I’m actually woking on a golfing language, I realized it was so bad at golfing that I decided to make it intentionally very different compared to other golfing languages.

It’s written in hexadecimal because I don’t want to make my own character encoding system, unlike pretty much every other golfing lang.

So there aren’t any glyphs, never mind any that hint their purpose. So all ascii characters representing a command don’t have a corresponding meaning, if one exists it’s merely a coincidence.

So uh, that’s why you divide with vertical tabs and multiply with newlines

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