Explosion Pills

Gainesville, FL


Deep in the heart of the lush forest of Gainesville, Florida -- pride of the sunshine.

Software developer for Mobiquity, the greatest mobile development company ever conceived.

  • Listen to me muse (and complain) @ExplosionPills
  • My working but incomplete webapp (online bookmarks) -- http://AySites.com/
  • Mostly empty (for now) personal website -- http://explosion-pills.com/
  • Incomplete manifesto on markdown -- http://markdownforcontent.com/
  • http://chatoverflow.com/
  • Github. I'd love to work on more projects too -- https://github.com/ajcrites/

I'd like to work on more projects and learn a lot more technologies, and I'd like to learn to become a superior developer in general. If you want to work on any open source projects with me, there's nothing that would make me more excited.

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