I'm just an old fart living in Costa Rica, land of toucans and monkeys. I first used UNIX and C on DEC VAX 11-780 in 1980. I have a small number of minor claims to fame:

  1. Neil Young asked me to join him on stage in 1987.

  2. While at Stanford, I was offered jobs from two startups. One company was being started by a couple of profs, the other by a grad student. Not being able to judge, I figured the profs knew more than the grad student. The profs started "Silicon Solutions" which you've never heard of. The grad student was Andy Bechtolsheim. Doh!

  3. I eventually got to Sun and while I was there I worked in a "skunkworks" building. My project was VLSI CAD related. Down the hall James Gosling was in between NeWS and oak (java). One Saturday one of my servers in the locked server room went down. Only Gosling and I were around. I asked him if he had a key to the server room. He said "No" and proceeded to show me how to break into the server room with a slip of a credit card in the door. Nice.

  4. Later I found myself at Transmeta before Linus Torvalds was hired. There was a big debate about hiring him. We were super stealth mode and didn't want to draw attention to ourselves. Torvalds was a well known guy. We hired him and I got to know him a little. He was opinionated but super humble as well. He was a good addition to the group who mostly had huge egos.

I think C++ is a huge steaming pile of dog poo. Objective-C is fairly sleek. Python is nice, though I have issues with whitespace being significant. I've also written programs in fortran, basic, APL, Snobol, Smalltalk, various assembler, Tcl, Pascal, Javascript, Dart and Go.

Sometimes I hang around on Stack Overflow. I'm hoping I can earn enough points to get a blender or something.

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