Seattle, WA

I oversee development of marine terminal distributed software systems. We use C# .NET, Java, JEE, JMS, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Adobe Flex/AIR, Oracle PL/SQL. I currently have about six software products that I look after.

Started programming with Commadore 64 (actually a TI calculator on which I wrote my first program to do simple integrations). Bought a Macintosh 128 - which I upgrated to 512 by desoldering the memory chips, putting in sockets, and then putting in denser chips - as Apple should have done in their board design (i.e., socketed memory).

First professional programming gig was coding on Mac using C, Object Pascal, and 68000 assembler. Then went to Aldus to work on PageMaker team. Then went to Microsoft for 5 years, then couple of startups, and then with current employer.