I am a bitch,.. really... i tell it as i see it... I am not a hardcore coder, so do not ask me how to do something i most likely wont know how to do... im all about experimentation with jsfiddle et al, if it works, its a bonus and if it dont i will try again till my head hurts (the JS boys know this!)

Things i know:-

  • HTML (within reason)
  • CSS (within reason)
  • PHP (A little, still learning)
  • Javascript (A little, its still confusing ones head)
  • JQuery (again a little still learning)

Things i Dont Know

  • Android, C++, or any other real "hardcode" development language, for the record,... i would love to know it, i dont right now... but u never know your luck in a raffle

  • Your moms name,.... however if shes fit and you wish to disclose it to me... be my guest! (with picture always scores brownie points with me)

If i can help you i will, im not a person not to pass on my random geeky knowledge should i know it, and if i dont i will try and point you in the right direction

General arsehole sarcasm doesn't really float my boat, im slow on the uptake and quick to rip off heads, however give me patience and you will have a friend in me, and patience reciprocated.... that is all

My Projects (As of 20/12/12)

  • www.milknhny.co.uk (my personal site, blog, selling templates, random knowledge, tutorials, this is very much in progress)
  • www.mammacoil.com - a very good friend of mine, entertainer based in Leeds and around Yorkshire and further afield (still in progress again, ongoing)
  • www.milknhny.co.uk/DVine - my first premade theme, which is again developing as i work round my work hours.... this should be on sale for something stupid real soon!

Other than the above, just random projects, helping out friends, answering questions, posting questions and just generally chatting and meeting new people :)


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