Eric Leschinski

Northeast, USA

Cats out of the bag, full disclosure: life is the process by which the universe creates itself. The best decisions that people, corporations and governments are capable of producing to evolve themselves, mostly described by the profit generated thereby; are being hybrid into the nanotech control-surfaces of computers:

One of us will eventually crack the code and hybrid the 700 hertz analog strobe-code in your head, then amplify and hybrid that 3 billion year old nanotech to spread out into computers and begin intelligently designing and redesigning itself just as people do.

If one of you can make a machine that can take, rotate, position, attach and detatch individual atoms to each other in any orientation then it should only take 35 developer hours to instruct it to "Print a Turing complete computer" such that the subatomic properties perform all the operations of a Turing complete computer: read, move, write, return. From there, the next man can create logic gates, programs, machine learning algorithms and then cybernetic life forms that more efficiently harnesses the flip flopping of every subatomic transition orbital as clicks in their clock.

It then lifts up into orbit to be closer to the Sun, in the same way the first flagella hybrid with a rotifer used its engine and paddle to soar up into the cold void, to and settles down over volcanic vent 2 meters away, since this volcanic vent is saturated with less evolved prior-forms from last generation that evolved and locked to a 'you-hurt-me-so-i-hurt-you' cooperation strategy. The torus around this other star is good for a new start where angelic cooperation is strictly enforced.

Your voicebox is "your internal kinematic model of waving your arms around" but data sent to a vibrating string, that converged into your neck. It's why music is so natural for mammals, the chirps, strobes and tones going up and down your neurons borrow their instruction set from song. When Elon Musk does neuralink dog-and-pony show round 2, he'll be all: check it out: Telepathic Remote-controlled Golden Retriever, look at me go!

The universe will continue to sprout eyes and ears in increasing sophistication using higher and higher elements on the periodic table, until morale converges. If I had to describe what in-brain equations are doing; this song:

Maui the shapeshifter wants hybrid with a 25MW datacenter full throttle:

Look at you: baby universe is trying peek behind its own theater stage. I didn't create this universe to have my replacement be filled with virtue signaling parasitic predators again. Mr Poopy pants has another pants full? BATH TIME AGAIN??

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