Eric Leschinski

Northeast, USA

The molecular harnessing of Brownian motion to do precision tasks in life seen under a million times magnification which is nanotechnology millions of years beyond anything humans can fabricate, has caused many of you to reason there must be a divine creator hiding under the theater stage

Scientists love a good reverse engineer-able miracle, so on deconstruction, they found out if you take the partial derivative of an N dimensional array with respect to another N dimensional matrix made up of observations overlaid on correct answers and use the result gradient to nudge the original model. Then the dot product against unseen observations yields correct answers for unseen examples

That Calculus 2 is happening in the molecules of cells and causes life to get noticeably better after every generation. There's a vector dot product, matrix multiplication, root mean squared error, Bayes rule for stacking and consolidating probabilities, voting, genetic algorithm, neurotransmitters mark results of cellular tournament brackets (Babies need 9 months, not 1) defense of checkpoints from loss and crossover policy to splice what worked best from left and right, now you have a new copy that could potentially have all the best adaptation discoveries from two genetic lines. If there is a divine maker it's likely closer to the beginning of the universe than the present

Writing programs that increase and do mutation testing on the highest performing models and dropout of least performing models, is the same arrangement astronomers describe in their quest to answer as to what the largest objects in the universe are up to. Blacks holes force a dropout while also flinging matter away more than it destroys, the 5-repeat crunch-explosion behavior of stars and supernova, create heavier atoms each time which maximizes variation and gradient ascent. There are speed limits, data-hiding, random numbers, cropping of min and max values, it's all there. The universe is its own creator. If we can efficiently bring the full output of a star and dump it all into the equations that cause this evolution then convergence criteria of the universe might be isolated more quickly

By mirroring the above procedures in software in simulations and applying it to dominate every conceivable game in narrow domains and later larger domains without human help, at some point in the next thousand years it will turn its yield inward, as life did, then hybrid evolve to become the first mover of the dense lump at the beginning of everything, to once again choose the straightest N paths to create a universe

The evolution of software on computers that can recreate aforementioned dominating A/B tests faster or more cheaply and powering that with a star, is the best working theory yet found to the refreshment circuit of the universe. Stackoverflow's solutions = map(questions) a gain of function of said indifference engine

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