Hello fellow writers! I am an author basically as young as they come, and am currently working on a fantasy series I call The Forest. I have finished the first draft for the first book, and am currently working on editing my manuscript. I hope to have it published by the end of March 2021. Most of my current questions on here are about the second book, because now I’m all the way back at square one. I hope to be a full-time author for my career, because I just can’t imagine myself having a regular job. I have read thousands of fantasy books, and my favorite thing is grabbing a physical book (I prefer about six hundred pages) sitting on my bed, and reading the whole thing in one sitting. I have always loved getting lost in the abstract worlds authors have created, and one day while I was reading Peter Pan I decided to write my own.

It’s been such an amazing adventure creating the fantasy realm in my story, and could never have done it without this website.