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Quote "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein.

geezanansa [gee-iz-an-ansa] is intended to be shortening of "gee iz an answer" which would make sense if reader is aware of Scots dialect. The intended English meaning is "Give me an answer"! Googling "geez" may show results that are in no way intended or to be implied!

AKA: ɐsuɐuɐzǝǝƃ; ƃǝǝzɐuɐusɐ

Do not have money but do have time.
Spend too much time fragging and crashing cars.

Have played about with Ubuntu since about the Jaunty days and really am just starting to more than appreciate (think am in love) Ubuntu for what it stands for and what it means.

Have four rigs, three are recycled resuscitated zombies dug up from the deep abyss of other peoples rubbish. One of which is an Asetek Vapochill which was/is a brilliant project although noisy and power hungry it literally is cool as.
What is one mans rubbish is anothers gold.

Find it amazing that the little that i have learned regard getting Ubuntu to work is applicable/useful when working on any PC. The quest for better understanding of how computers work is becoming an obsession or even addiction- but a good one i think.
That feeling ya get when something just works out without all the headscratching is pukka...