Jordan Bondo

Spokane, WA

I'm a Software Craftsman at OpenEye working with iOS, tvOS, and Android. I love writing code & solving problems.

I'm also a christian, husband, father, musician, and gamer.

I listen to a lot of Metal. Current favorite bands include: YOB, Mouth of the Architect, Russian Circles, Red Sparrowes, Mastodon, Gojira, Meshuggah, Isis, and Neurosis. I don't just listen to metal though. My library has a lot of orchestral music and other not-metal stuff. My favorite not-metal include Björk, Lana Del Rey, and Chelsea Wolfe. I also love video game music, especially from games like Metroid Prime, Castlevania and Final Fantasy.

I've played guitar (seriously anyways) since 1993. I've played drums for just as long, but I focus on guitar mostly. Like coding, for me it's all about solving a problem. The algorithm is just actualized differently.

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