R. Martinho Fernandes

Berlin, Germany


I'm rmf on keybase. If you are really desperate to contact me, you can reach me by sending e-mail to [email protected].

I'll post comments asking you for CC0 licensing of the code in your answers because:

  1. there's no better official way to directly contact the author;
  2. SO will force attribution on everyone despite significant negative feedback;
  3. I always ask for community-wide licensing, not personal;
  4. I believe CC0 is the most suitable license for such a scenario.

All code posted in my answers on this site is licensed under CC0, even though from now on I will explicitly mention so in every single answer. Code in my questions may or may not be licensed under CC0; if you really need to know about a specific question, you can contact me on Stack Overflow chat, or via the e-mail address listed above.

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