Bloomington, IN, USA

I've always been a doer. I've been a startup entrepreneur, technical founder, CTO, Software Architect/Engineer/Developer all rolled into one since starting my first business while in college. Over the years, I've succeeded and failed. I've created some wonderful software, and some not so wonderful. I love doing what I do.

Back in 2009, I began to develop a new application with Zend Framework (then pre-release). The application eventually became a global player in the SaaS subscription management space. I chose ZF back then since it stood out as the enterprise-grade option -- not a magic box. The application now runs on Mezzio with legacy code wrapped in a middleware. I'm quite happy with that decision and I've enjoyed being a part of the ZF community for >10 years. Now is an exiting time for Laminas/Mezzio.

Don't let the CTO title fool you. My primary goal is to continue to grow as a member of a team. I'm eager to join a software development crew that values quality, maintainable, well-tested, scalable systems that last. Again, I'm a doer. I thrive on building. I've shed my CTO skin to focus solely on what I do best -- building high quality software.

Ask me anything.

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