Some fun C++ stuff I've done round here:

  • A: Convert a run-time value or type to a compile-time value, also works with lists of types.
  • A: Named operators, does what it says on the tin
  • A: can_apply, a useful trick that helps make traits like "can serialize" or "can convert to string".
  • A: task, a move-only implementation of std::function.
  • Q: Function curry, that does partial binds and the like.
  • A: Me playing around with hana-like metaprogramming, together with the idea that template work best if everything (including templates) is a type. Here is some evil operator abuse, where I manipulate types with +.
  • A: std::function that returns vectors of its own type.

Here is a neat question I didn't ask:

  • Q: Does SFINAE actually work with class templates?

the answer seems to be "actually, nope, but nobody noticed".

An amusing link:

  • http://stackoverflow.com/reputation

which will show your reputation history on stack overflow, if you like that kind of thing.

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