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Dad, a startup founder and problem solver at heart. Ex-Principal Software Engineer at Nuance Communications (LinkedIn). If some of the following topics look interesting, consider following me on Twitter and DEV.TO for more:

  • Video: My .NET Conf 2020 talk on Asynchronous coroutines with C#
  • Tool: DevComrade, for pasting unformatted text in Windows by default, systemwide
  • Tool: wsudo, a unix-like sudo CLI utility for Windows, Powershell-based
  • Blog: Why I no longer use ConfigureAwait(false)
  • Blog: C# events as asynchronous streams with ReactiveX or Channels
  • Why doesn't await on Task.WhenAll throw an AggregateException?
  • Async/await, custom awaiter and garbage collector
  • StaTaskScheduler and STA thread message pumping
  • Extending native JavaScript Promise with cancellation support
  • How to Unit test ViewModel with async initialization in WPF
  • Converting between 2 different libraries using the same COM interface
  • Any difference between await Task.Run(); return; and return Task.Run()
  • Asynchronous WebBrowser-based console web scrapper
  • Thread affinity for async/await in ASP.NET
  • Throttling asynchronous tasks
  • Task sequencing and re-entracy
  • A reusable pattern to convert event into task
  • Task.Yield - real usages?
  • Keep UI thread responsive when running long task in windows forms
  • Call async method on UI thread
  • Understanding Node JS Generators with fs Module
  • How to make make a .NET COM object apartment-threaded?
  • RegAsm without admin rights
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