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Best Questions:

  • Fastest way to check if two integers are on the same side of 0
  • Stack, foreach, wrong order?
  • Improve performance on BigDecimal to double conversion
  • Are ArrayLists more than twice as slow as arrays?
  • Nearest multiple of a power of two fraction

Best Answers:

  • how to stop “JavaFX Application Thread”
  • How do I implement TypeAdapterFactory in Gson?
  • Turn off logback logging for other libraries while in certain class
  • Why does Gson serializes runtime type in list, not specified compile-time type?
  • MoneyFormatter::parseMoney throws MoneyFormatException
  • Is there a better way to traverse a string in java?
  • Reorder four points of a rectangle to the correct order
  • How do I get typeName() from a mock object in a JUnit test?
  • Why can't we switch on classes in Java 7+?
  • Why does wrapping an exception still request try-catch even when adding a throws?
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