Martin Marconcini

Almere, NL

I do Android development with Kotlin/Java and iOS development with Swift.

I haven't done Objective-C since before ARC. I haven't done C#.NET since .NET 3.5 in 2011 (I think). I occasionally use macOS (Mojave) for Xcode and light gaming. I occasionally use Windows (10) for gaming. I mainly use Linux (PoP!_OS 18.10) for everything else.

I do software development for HyperGiant (formerly BlackPixel), jumping from customer to customer and from iOS to Android in the blink of an eye.

I (am/was?) a long time World of Warcraft player (PvP mostly).

After six years in San Francisco, California, I moved to the Netherlands. Not looking back, don't offer me relocation to the USA. :-)

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