DisplacedGuy aka Rich Bianco

North Florida


AVAILABLE FOR CONTRACT, Hourly as Needed, Part Time Contract or perm, will accept PowerBuilder, .NET MVC, Silverlight, and maybe NetSuite. Consider work in Florida, Texas, or other warm climate areas. Might consider WI, IA, AK, GA, S.Car. research triangle.

Founder of The DisplacedGuy PowerBuilder Development Blog. The site is rapidly becoming popular for articles related to making money online via AdSense.

NetSuite & SuiteScript, PowerBuilder, WordPress, Amazon Web Services, ASP.NET, Java Developer with experience converting PB applications to ASP.NET MVC, Razor, WCF Ria Services, EF4, J2EE (RAD & Websphere) and Silverlight 4 or WaveMaker. Android developer wannabe. I can perform short term consulting as needed with a no solution no-fee work arrangement.