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Oxford, United Kingdom


       Teen-coder (Linux/C++)
    -> math-grad
    -> tutor
    -> freelancer (Mobile specializing in Audio/DSP)
    -> Software Engineer
    -> DSP Consultant
    -> CTO (for cueaudio.com)
    -> Owner (Ekagrata Limited, offering Technical Solutions specializing in DSP/ML).

My most recent placement was as lead engineer for cueaudio.com. However my role quickly elevated to CTO and head of technical staffing. I was able to set the company on the right track by creatively sourcing key talent. The company recovered its $3M seed funding within the first 30 months of operation.

I'm currently working as Director of Operations for kalarilab.org My target is to make the business profitable, through intelligent Digital Marketing initiatives.

I offer my services to any small business or start-up that has a concept/prototype, and financial backing, but lacks the technical know-how to manifest the product.

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