Salt Lake City, UT

Latest status: Nothing new.

  • Watching a lot of Japanese TV, gradually absorbing the language. Vocabulary study with Anki most every day. Working on learning to recognize and read more kanji. (I'm somewhere in the JLPT4 range.) Picked up "Japanese Core Words and Phrases" and "A Dictionary of Japanese Particles" for reference, recently.
  • Still a math undergrad, about six electives away from graduating. Interested in doing mathematical physics in grad school, though I don't have much more clarity on the matter just yet. Lately I'm most curious about manifolds and things having to do with quantum information.
  • Latest programming language to dabble in: python. It probably won't draw me away from perl, but that's mostly just because perl is what I've been using for the past few years.
  • Still practicing the piano regularly. Currently in a state of polishing Ravel's Sonatine and learning Rachmaninoff's Etude Op. 39 No. 4.
  • Still playing Skyrim, and feeling buyer's remorse over most every other video game purchase I make lately. I still enjoy a good picross puzzle (on the 3DS), though.