Seoul, South Korea

I enjoy programming. I always wanted to learn programming, but I had hard time actually start learning it, without practical uses of them. I've been in eCommerce for the last five years and there was a need to automate, so I started learning basic Autohotkey and Excel VBA. It was fun!

Now at work we need some web-scraping, so I am learning how to do it using Ruby. Out of many youtube videos, internet articles, I find this book to be the best for my needs:

If you are like me and haven't had any "proper" computer science course or programming course, I highly recommend the above. Also, I think web-scraping is a great way to start learning how to program! You can make use out of it right away, as it seems to directly lead to some basic web automation, and since every webpage is different, it feels like solving a new puzzle every time.

I especially enjoy parsing HTML, using CSS, Xpath, and Regex! as all of them seem to be unique on their own, it is fun to utilize all three and learn from each other.

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