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Have a large collection of porcelain frogs. Eh, all kidding aside: I'm a 70+ year-old male, living on the New England coast. I read tons of science fiction as I was growing up. Authors and stories I remember vividly: Arthur C. Clarke [I think there's a middle initial 'C.' in his name; Robert Heinlein; Isaac Asimov; Ursula LeGuin; numerous others. I have always enjoyed and re-read 'The Foundation Trilogy. Oddly enough, I only encountered two classics, to which I had not been previously exposed: 'Dune' and another which slips my mind right now. I specifically recall - and maybe these are not science fiction, per se - 'Flowers For Algernon' and another, which I cannot specifically recall where these 'hunters' I think they were go back in time. There has just been an election with a benign/good/positive leader having been elected. On the time trip, one of the 'hunters' - or photographers, or whatever he is - is, I think, a bit too 'nasty' and full of himself - he steps off the marked path, which one is forbidden to do - and I think crushes or otherwise kills a butterfly. When they return to the present day, of course the death of the butterfly, which has subsequently become known as 'the starting values,' which, of course, are quite variable, of Chaos Theory, causes the election to be awarded to the fascist candidate. Since 'the greenhouse effect' was quite well known, even 60+ years ago, at least in Science Fiction - and, I believe, in mainstream scientific studies/inquiries (certainly in terms of the current gas content of Venus's atmosphere - I recall reading a sci-fi, I think, it may have been a short-story, the plot of which I cannot right now recall, where earth, for obvious reasons, had a more greenhouse-effect impactful environment. More to follow as I recall it. Glad to be part of the group.

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