Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


Computer Scientist, Algorithm Enthusiast.

9th algorithm gold badge holder.

Knower of how to spell "duck".

Generally pretty chill and friendly, though sometimes misunderstood.

Free online courses! Online CS Masters from Georgia Tech

Don't try to show appreciation by upvoting many posts by a user

A simple english Wikipedia

Regex explainer

Area51 is for new Stack Exchange site proposals

Random Meta posts

The "should I answer this" checklist:

  • Does this question adhere to the site rules?
  • Has no version of this question ever been asked before?
  • Does it seem plausible that others may have the same question in future?
  • Will those people be able to find this question?
  • Does an explicit answer seem like the thing that will help the asker most?
  • Does the question seem well-intentioned?

Stack Overflow...

Asking tips:

  • Post a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example
  • Stick around for a while after asking a question to answer comments
  • Pop in every now and again to tend to responses at least until you have an accepted answer
  • Don't be a help vampire. (My) summary:
    • Give enough details so the question is answerable. We're not psychic
    • Don't ask for a program to be written for you
    • Aim to learn, don't just look for an answer
    • Look elsewhere for the answer before asking a question
  • Question checklist
  • How much research effort should go into your question
  • What should I do when someone answers my question?

Other tips:

  • Be kind
  • Format properly
  • Don't down-vote minor issues like minor syntax errors that you can easily fix yourself. When downvoting answers, preferably comment and don't leave straight away - give some time for it to be fixed
  • Don't robo-approve in review
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