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Software Architect at workplace but heavy geek and coding adventure person in spare time.

Things I work with and having hands on experience (in no particular order): APIs design (RESTful, REST'ish, WSDL/SOAP depending on customer needs and existing components and stack used).

node.js and various related frameworks - my choice for rapid prototyping and non-production systems.

Python, Django and many related frameworks - love Python as a language and Django webapps are quite good for small to medium scale apps and systems.

.Net AND J2EE - yes, it's possible to be excellent in both worlds. I am =)

Things I've tried but not like: RoR - not for me. Not a best performant engine and absence of control makes this stack unattractive for me. Know much better alternatives despite of all hype around Rails. Excellent architectural sandbox though.

Erlang/Go/Dart/many-others - far from maturity, each have strong sides but cons overwhelm and definitely not for production use at least for next few years.

But let's return to my profile, knowledges and skills:

HTML5/CSS3 modern web UI things

High-load/high availability systems

iOS/Android/WP mobile development including client-server systems and integration into existing enterprise systems

RDBMS including MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

NoSQL solutions including Redis and MongoDB

Last just finished project (lasted for 4 years) was related to .Net stack (ASP.NET both WebForms/MVC, Telerik controls, WCF and MS SQL clustered configuration).

C/C++ - not actively using for a couple of years but have seniority level in each and actively used on serious projects in the past

Currently actively investigating lock-free algorithms and solutions world, high-performance parallel computing for practical and business needs.

Credo: More fun, more fire in life!

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