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Ron J.

New York, United States

I am one of the "original hackers". Back in the day, we hacked at ROMs and made Atari's and Lisa's do things their creators had never dreamed possible. When the PC came out, we hacked away and made Z80 processors do wonderful things, MFM hard drives became RLL and yielded larger disk space. The modem, ah the 300 baud modem, suddenly the world opened to us (think WarGames, without the missiles). After years of paying $8 an hour for long distance calls to distant computers, the Internet came about. For only $6 an hour, at first. And modems got faster. Computers got smarter. We got smarter. Hackers became geeks. Geeks became dot com tycoons. Years of study, decades of learning and decades of building web technologies. I own a consulting firm in NY, we develop and innovate web solutions. I also own a dot com startup that survived the bust earlier this decade - its doing great now and gives me time and money to continue development projects - and yes, some time to come here and hopefully made a difference. If it's web technology related - I probably know about it, I may have worked with it, and possibly I have been a part of the team that designed it. I have worked on or created, without exaggeration, about a thousand sites. From real estate to matching throbbing hearts to distance education - I AM the man. I am also pretty ticked off at the current problem caused by the patent trolls and the needless litigation they are causing. I recognize a lot of the tech that they have the nerve to claim THEY invented. The patent office clearly needs help in identifying prior art, and until I stumbled onto this forum, I had no idea how I could help. Hope this works!