edward harris

Rugby, UK

I’m 41 have a great woman in my life and our dog Monty who’s a 4 year old Labrador we enjoy holidaying around the UK in places we can go on good walks. I Love reading which is what sparked my love of sci-fi and fantasy along with Gaming and of course Films I’ve been a fan of Science-Fiction and Fantasy my whole life particularly Star Wars as I grew up with the original trilogy and have also read many of the expanded universe books I’m still reading them now. I’m also a fan of Lord of the Rings particularly the books reading them got me through some hard times in my life (along with Star Wars EU books) I enjoy many other Sci-Fi/Fantasy books films and games but Star Wars & Lord of the Rings are my main ones. The escapist nature of books and films is what attracts me to them. Away from that my big passion in life is Motorsport particularly Brisca Formula One Stock Car Racing a sport I’ve been involved with one way or another my whole life and I love all forms of racing too Motorbikes, Formula one Grand Prix Racing anything with an engine and wheels. I’m quite new to forums and am only a member of 2 others, I was keen to join scifi.stackexchange as it’s a place where you can ask serious questions to expand my knowledge of the Books, Films and Games I love..

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