Athens Greece

Currently developing in Spring/Grails and AngularJS.

I have been programming both applications and developing websites since 1998 initially as a hobby and later on as a freelancer during my undergraduate studies after 2002.

After 2008 I was a research scientist working on both Research and industrial Projects and since October 2014 I have been again freelancing as an external developer.

I have worked with many technologies/platforms over the years and seen technologies come and go (or be renamed/morphed), e.g as an indicative list:

-HTML4, DHTML, Plain Old Javascript

-Flash / Actionscript (2 & 3)

-CGI-BIN PERL web applications ( before php & mysql were available on many shared hosting servers)

-PHP 4


-Oracle 8

-Java SE, Java EE: Struts2, JBoss, Axis 2, Servlets

-J2ME 3D games (Before Android)

-Eclipse Plugin Development

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