Kathy Renbarger

Seminole County, OK, USA

I'm a 66yo disabled patriot, who lives on a little patch of dirt "out in the boonies." The extent of my "gardening" has been pretty well limited to tomato and pepper plants; and, that was prior to my home getting burned to the ground on 01/15/13. I see this virus as an ECONOMIC and LIBERTY bio-weapon, launched by NWO slime in response to the riots in Wuhan and Hong Kong; and, to the failure of their bogus impeachment attempt on our POTUS. I bought a bunch of heirloom seed back in late Jan., while they were still easy to obtain. Vehicle issues have me running @2 months behind on being able to set up "elevated planters" (aka: "dead refrigerators" filled with dirt); but, with that problem resolved, I'm now scrambling to try to get (at least) the started plants "in the dirt" in time to have some produce growing this season. My attitude is: "Hope for the best; but, prepare for the worst..." (at least to the best of my abilities..."

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