Shaun Jackman

Vancouver, Canada

I worked at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre, where I used genome sequencing to identify mutations in the tumours of cancer patients. I developed the genome sequence assembly software package, ABySS, which was the first system to assemble a human genome using short-read sequencing. I am a masters student studying bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia. I am a first class honours graduate in computer engineering, a computer and electronics enthusiast, an open-source software advocate, an avid traveller, a climber, a singer and an experimental amateur chef. I have ten years of industry experience developing software in C++, C and assembly, including four years developing high-performance distributed and parallel algorithms for genome sequence assembly, and six years developing embedded and real-time systems on compact hardware. I have extensive experience developing portable software for POSIX systems such as GNU/Linux. When developing performance-critical software, I understand the hardware from the transistor up.