Spread the word: WRDYW & WRDYG? "What result did you want, and what result did you get?" Question-askers on SO often say something "doesn't work" but forget to tell what it actually does, what they expect it to do, or both. So in order to answer, one has to guess at these things. It's like Nebuchadnezzar asking for an interpretation of his dream but refusing to reveal the dream itself. I'm looking for effective ways to remind people. There are good articles on writing a good question, but there's a huge class of people that will not find and read such an article. Maybe these acronyms will help. Any ideas?

My work: Android apps and GIS mapping for a non-profit org.

Programming languages / tools: Java, Python, XSLT/XPath, Javascript, HTML5, MySQL.

Less often: MS SQL Server, ConTeXt, C.

In my spare time, I enjoy developing 3D graphics and educational programs for my family.

Soli Deo Gloria


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