Waterloo, ON, Canada

C++ software developer by day, C++ template meta-programmer by night.

I create and manage a lot of fun open-source C++ libraries -- check them out on Github!

Here are a few of my favorite projects that I work on:

  • Backport-C++:
    A C++11-compliant implementation of features from C++14, C++17, and C++20.
    c++11 string_view optional variant span any
  • Scope:
    A C++11-compliant implementation of the std::unique_resource and std::on_scope_exit utilities
    c++11 scope-guard unique_resource on_scope_exit on_scope_fail on_scope_success
  • Lazy:
    A fun C++14-project for creating lazy-instantiated types
    lazy-construction lazy-construction
  • Alloy:
    A WIP game-engine using the best of C++17, following best design-practices
    c++17 game-engine
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