Ahmed Sbai

Tunis, Tunisia

I grew up in Tunisia, a small tourist country in North Africa.

Religiously, most of the people here are Muslim, but there are also Jews and Christians. Ethnically, half of us are Arabs and the other half are Berbers, but we got used to coexist all together as brothers.

Tunisia descends from the legendary empire of Carthage led by Hannibal, and today it is the first Arab and African country to ban slavery, it is the first Arab and African country to grant women the same rights as men, also the first Arab and African country to use the Internet, and the first country in the new era where people revolted against the system in the historic 14 January 2011 day calling for freedom.
We've got it, but nothing else.

Today you can criticize the system without fear, but it is difficult for you to save living obligations, however, this did not prevent the continued emergence of some international names in various fields, such as Ons Jabeur and many others.

Every year, nearly 7000 media engineers graduate, 70% of whom leave the country in search of a better salary and living conditions.