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Kinected is a program designed to help catch intruders in your home! Using Microsoft's Kinect, Kinected saves images, uploads them to social networking sites, and saves information about the intruder to help you find them and prosecute them.

Current Features of Kinected:

  • Differentiate between pets and humans

  • Use two Kinects (WIP)

  • Save Color Images

  • Save Depth Images

  • Save facial signatures (WIP)

  • Compare current face/skeleton and saved faces/skeletons (WIP)

  • Play a sound when detected

  • Upload images to Facebook

  • Send notification email/post on Facebook

Possible Features to be added:

  • Save image of face (WIP)

  • Save bone lengths (WIP)

  • Save skeleton (WIP)

Remember to send suggestions/requests to!

Kinected is currently in it's beta state and is not available to download.

Technologies Kinected uses:

kinect c# html css

Scrabble Score Keeper


Scrabble Score Keeper is a mobile application that helps you keep track of your score while playing Scrabble! You can have up to 4 players or teams, and count your score, including score boosting tiles and you can see up to the last 5 words entered.

Currently the Scrabble Score Keeper is still being developed and in it's beta state, but is hoping to be released early 2013.

Technologies Scrabble Score Keeper uses:
c++ android ios marmalade

Eclipse: the Awakening


Eclipse: the Awakening(Eclipse for short) is a first-person horror game that is currently under development.

You are lost in the mountains, with a few flares and the clothes on your body. An eclipse soon happens, and you must find out how you got here, why you are here, and what is keeping you here before the eclipse ends. Each clue you uncover tells you more about what has happened, what is going on, what's to come, and what is real...

Eclipse's designated platform is PC/Mac, and will have various versions released every now and then.

Eclipse is developed by Liam McInroy (3D game design/3D Modeling/Programming/Writing) and Jesse Franc (Textures/Graphical Design/3D Modeling/Writing) and has acting by Chris Burleigh.

Technologies Eclipse: the Awakening uses:

c# unity javascript unity3d blender