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I am currently doing my MSc degree in Computer Science.

The languages I know most are probably JavaScript and C#, but I also started getting into functional programming and am quite a fan of Elm for Web projects and Haskell/Idris for more scientific things. (I really enjoyed my type theory classes. ;))

I also know some C++, Python, Lua and I am quite familiar with AutoHotKey.
Aaaaaand, I have already successfully written/drawn a program in piet, that prints my name! :D

ps.: This was my original "about" section when I joined at around the age of 15. :)
I am programming as my hobby right now, but I plan to find employment in the field of IT, and especially programming. :)

Having met with some functional languages as well I should say that I prefer Haskell in that field.

pps.: The list of languages / frameworks that I have ever worked with (excluding the ones where I didn't get much further than a "hello world", I usually did something more complicated with those that are here):
Ada, Assembly, AutoHotKey, Clean, Clojure, CSS[3], C#, C++, Electron, Elm, Erlang, Haskell, HTML[5], Idris, Java, JavaScript (ES6/7/8), JSX, Lua, Matlab, Maple, Maxima, MongoDB, MySql, NodeJS, NXC, PHP, piet, Polymer, Python, R, React, Redux