Dennis Winter

Berlin, Deutschland

TODAY: VP TechOps, responsible for technical operation, infrastructure and SRE. Works closely with CTO, CPO & VPs Products & Tech. Returner of a Mac Book, because linux is my way to go & how I tackle things. I'm defining, shaping and contributing to overarching concepts and principles, that help and guide the engineering teams through the challenges of distributed systems, security engineering, scaling and compliance.

BEFORE: Engineering Manager, Platform Engineer, linux & devops practitioner integrating daddyhood, buddhism, autism & grindcore. Covered my teams' six when things were getting wild.

IN ANCIENT TIMES: Playing around with computers from 1984. Started my professional career in 2000. Since then, I used to be a C++ developer, sysadmin, "webdesigner", Basher, coded in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript and Golang and always felt well working close to the OS.

I love to automate things and be lazy, watching automations do all the work for me.

From roughly 2010 on I focused on infrastructure and systems engineering. My fields of interest are automating the sh*t out of Compliance. Setup of cutting edge Software Development and Release Processes, DevSecOps and hiding complexity of distributed systems and infrastructure in code within slender, effective and efficient tooling that suits the team's & regulatory needs.

My favourite Haiku turns out to be

It's not DNS
There's no way it's DNS
it was DNS

~ Broski