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Why did I got suddenly upvoted on different posts by (I think) the same person a quite some times in a matter of minutes? A bit weird, quite a bit. Rep is just a game, only upvote if you really think my contribution is useful.

Show us some respect,
show us some code,
show us exceptions,
or else be gone!

Co*d*ito ergo sum. / I code therefore I am.

  • Asking a valuable question is a lot tougher task than providing an awesome answer.

    • I didn't as any questions here yet. As a professional, I don't feel proud about this: this does not mean I'm top of awesome here. To me this means I have room to (and hence, must) improve, move away from the safe path till I hit the wall of getting stuck with something I can't overcome and at the same time, no one has ever documented here on [SO], or in all the trenches of the Intartubez.

(Note to self: being (prematurely) silly is the root of all the (rightful) downvotes.)

Poetical Question about the duplicates:

If people think they are so awesome no one ever faced the problem they found, then why do they ask before trying to search for an answer themselves?

Just for quick copy-paste...

What have you tried? What is your question? Please read the FAQ about what questions oen should post!

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