USEFUL LINKS: influence maps; the okapi's butt; goblin dice.

CURRENTLY: Casual gaming in a multi-system group where everyone can GM.

PLAYED: 13th-age [A Penny for My Thoughts] [Aeon Wave] atomic-robobubblegumshoecthulhu-confidentialcthulhu-darkdanger-patrol-pocket-eddawn-of-worldsdnd-3.5ednd-4edo-pilgrims-of-the-flying-temple [Dog Eat Dog] dogs-in-the-vineyarddont-rest-your-headdresden-filesdungeon-worldfate-acceleratedfate-coregolden-sky-storiesgreat-ork-gods [Honey Heist] inspectreslady-blackbirdlasers-and-feelingslovecraftesquemage-the-ascensionmasters-of-umdaarmicroscopemonster-of-the-week [Morts] my-life-with-master [The Princes' Kingdom] roll-for-shoes [Stargate SG-1 RPG] storium.

CHARACTER: Never short on Opinions and overambitious Ideas. I also dabble in game design, including Colonypunk; Puppy Day; Too Much Bubblegum; Surgadores (alpha draft); and Long Live the King of Monsters! (beta draft).

I'm often in chat.

My avatar is Carl Spitzweg's "The Bookworm."

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